Seasonal Design


November 2023 lovely arrangement by Mary Florence

September 2023 Seasonal Design by Ann Simpson


Seasonal Design April 2023 by Marcie Byrd

Seasonal Design March 2023 by Robin Marfizo

February 2023 Seasonal Design
Mary Florence created the moss ball container and planted the orchids within.  What a stunning presentation.
January 2023

This lovely arrangement was created by Carolyn Waring using  foliage  and berries from her own yard and cattails she found.  Very creative, love the pebbles used as an organic oasis and mirrors the cattails environment.

Seasonal Design December 2022 Arrangement of red and white roses with greens designed by Barbara Mercer
November 2022 Seasonal Design

Verna Kuyper provided this exotic arrangement of orchids and Hawaiian fronds!

October 2022 Seasonal Design by Cathy McAlister


Seasonal Design

September 2022

Judy Lott designed this lovely creation. White and pink roses with a few simple greens in a sweet pitcher makes a wonderful statement.

Seasonal Design April 2022 by June Boyd
Seasonal Design March 2022 Clover by Cathy McAlister
Seasonal Design February 2022
By Ann Simpson
Ann created this cheerful design of yellow roses and
Alstroemeria.  She also gave use a short expalation of her signature “quarter turn” that will help show any arrangement at its very best.
December 2021 Seasonal Design was created and donated to TWGC by Rachael Tipton from Harbourside Gardens
November 2021 Seasonal Design

Thank you, Laura Knox for the lovely arrangement of camellias from your garden and thank you Rhona Beadle for the “Weeders Digest” magazines

Ann Simpson created this modern offering straight from her garden She utilized seed pods and leaves from the crepe myrtle. Deb Tallman took her inspiration from the availability at this time of year of pumpkins, mums, seed pods, and greens.

September 2021

Ann Simpson created this charming arrangement. Gerber daisies steal the show and she also led us in a hands on floral design class. Thank you Ann!

March 2021

Three arrangements of  kale, tongue fern, swiss chard, Lenten rose and bronze fennel.  All three arrangements are in D’Stone vases

Arrangement by Laura Knox

Due to additional meeting size restrictions in NC we were unable to meet in December 2020-Feb 2021

Seasonal Design (from home) February 2021

Creamy yellow asian lilies cascade out of a D’Stone cobalt blue vase. Arrangement by Deb Tallman

Debbie Durham provided these two Seasonal Design arrangements utilizing D’Stone vases! Debbie informed us all that this is the first “flat” vase she has ever used. We all think she did a wonderful job!

October 2020 Seasonal Design by Paula Hartman
Shhh Gail Pethia is planning a special surprise for Seasonal Design for 2020-2021!
Seasonal Design March 2020
In honor of St Patrick’s Day
By Frances Eder

Each month during the year a decorative flora design is presented by a member. The designer provides information about the arrangement and the materials used. A drawing is held at the end of the meeting and the lucky winner gets to take the arrangement home.  This acts as a fund raiser for the TWGC scholarship fund.   TWGC Chair: Gail Pethia

December 2019
Alstroemeria, Lilies, Fugi Mums and Tulips
Designer: Deb Tallman
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