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A place for TWGC members to share what’s in your garden! Just send your photos via email to deborah_t_07760@yahoo.com

Paula Hartman shared this photo of New Bern lilies growing in front of  the Captain Roberts memorial –the man who brought lilies to NB

Mary Jo Eichinger shared these photo’s from her trip to the Pittsburg Botanical Gardens. What a lovely way to spend a day!

Deb Tallman’s front walk is exploding with roses and scent! Knock out yellow (scented) and Tangerine Sky (scented) by Heritage .
Paula Hartman is enjoying this Amaryllis …in her garden
Marcia Sproul’s latest creation! February 2021
First Camelia of 2021 by Paula Hartman

December 2020 Deb Tallman is marveling at the continued bloom (and scent) on he Knockout rose . The Confederate Rose, planted from canes this spring is still putting out blooms even after a frost. Paula Hartman’s Trumpet Vine has “finally” bloomed.

I (Deb Tallman) had a grand time at the Tryon Palace Fall plant sale. In addition to perennials and annuals, they also had trees, shrubs and herbs for sale. I can’t wait for this to all go …in my garden! I’m especially curious about the dwarf pomegranate trees.
Here is a lovely arrangement Debbie Durham made for a friend from …in her garden
Not exactly in the garden, but too neat not to share! Last year Jack and Debbie Durham’s  Night Blooming Cerreus bloomed (a 1 night only performance) and a friend took a picture and made a sheet of postage stamps with their flower in full bloom.

Gail McLamb shared these wonderful shots of her yard. Just love the planted fountain!

Mystery Plant! Does anyone what this is? please email me at deborah_t_07760@yahoo
Paula Hartman shared this terrific Plumeria from In her garden
Thank You Gail McLamb for sharing this delightful water feature with Water Lily’s.
Verna Kuyper shared her lovely hibiscus and garden lady with us all. Thank you Verna!
Marcia writes that she scored the flowers for this lovely arrangement from the $2 discount bucket at HT and then filled it out with a little road side filler! How lovely and practical!
Gorgeous Bella Lugosi Day lily from Debbie and Jack Durham’s garden.
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