Blue Star Memorials

Blue Star December 2020

Trent Woods Garden Club maintains the Blue Star Byway Marker in Trent Woods.  Recently decorated for the holiday season, TWGC volunteers will later  remove the Christmas decor and prepare the beds for spring.  TWGC maintains the Blue Star Byway marker, Cottle Park entrance and Meadows Park bench all year long with different plantings for each season.

An on-going project near and dear to TWGC are the Blue Star Markers. The Blue Star Marker program began in 1945 by the National Garden Clubs to honor the Armed Forces of the USA. The project has grown to include honoring all men and women who have served or are serving here and abroad.  The Blue Star began during World War I. Families of service men and women would post a banner with a Blue Star in remembrance of those in harm’s way. The motto is: All to see, lest we forget, those who help to keep us free.  TWGC has dedicated a byway marker in Trent Woods and a highway marker at the Rest Area on Highway 70 at Clarks Rd. We are proud of our servicemen and women and these markers reflect our continued support of their dedication to the USA.  The Blue Star State Chair is Paula Hartman, President of TWGC.  If you have any questions, please contact her at
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