Bishop Home

Trent Woods Garden Club volunteers met and decorated Bishop Home in New Bern.  Due to continued Covid concerns TWGC was unable to decorate the general meeting area inside.  Instead, TWGC made a gift of poinsettia plants to all the residents, with a small note of cheer and caring for each resident.

Bishop Home was established by Mr. EK Bishop a leader at Christ Episcopal Church.  Bishop Home’s Board of Directors is now comprised of members from both Christ Episcopal Church and First Presbyterian Church in New Bern. 

Due to Covid restrictions, TWGC was limited to decorating the outside of Bishop Home this year. This year TWGC members were only able to decorate the exterior .TWGC members Mary Florence. Frances Eder and President Paula Hartman created the swags out of camellia, holly, fir and a little podocarpus and affixed them onto the gates and the flagpole.  The holiday swags and ribbons bring cheer to Bishop Home residents and passerby.

Scenes from 2018 Bishop House Decorating!

D’Stone creates a fabulous arrangement for the Bishop House Ladies! (2018)
Mary Jo Eichinger brings cheer to Bishop House! (2018)
Marcia Sproul and Dixie Howard start one of many amazing arrangements. (2018)
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