Monthly Program

April 2023 General Meeting

January 2023

Olwen Jarvis treated TWGC to a terrific presentation of waterfowl in our area.

November 2022

TWGC welcomed Mike Bafford from Tryon Palace that gave us a very information presentation on NC

native plants.

Monthly Program October 2022

Ann Simpson held an arranging show and tell for us all.  Thank you, Ann you are inspiring, Ann created 5 designs in less than a half hour. She also brought a gorgeous silk arrangement to show a traditional look. Ann showed us that an arrangement does not need a lot of flowers, but that stems, seeds, grasses, and other materials found in our own yards can be used.

What a treat, led by our own Ann Simpson, in a hands-on floral arrangement workshop. Everyone participated and had a great time learning.

TWGC’s own Amy Rose-White took the group on a virtual tours of her favorite horticultural gardens across the USA
Monthly program March 2022 William Shaw gave a presentation “Sowing Seeds for Future  Generations”  Mr. Shaw is the Horticulture teacher at West Craven HS
January 2022 Monthly Program

David Hite of Tryon Palace gave a wonderful talk about herbs which coincided with the kickoff of our Annual Herb Sale!

November 2021 Monthly Program
Our own Cathy McAlister and Rachel Tipton of  Harbourside Garden gave us a step-by-step presentation of the front yard transformation at Cathy’s home.  The addition of hardscaping, fabulous fountain and new gardens made for a dramatic change.  We were all encouraged to move plants that may not be thriving, but could be in a new location.  The attention to detail, including the heights and widths of matured plants and proportions was educational.
October 2021 Monthly Program
Olwen Jarvis a member of the Lower Nuese Bird Club.  Olwen gave TWGC a wonderful presentation on local birds, photos she has taken of them and described the bird calls of several species.  It was a wonderful presentation. 

Everyone had an absolutely wonderful time creating original floral arrangements under the tutelage of our own Ann Simpson. Thank you Ann for your helpful tips and and individual consultations!

In addition to the Flower Show (see pictures under Seasonal Design) we had a Hat contest and inducted the new TWGC Executive Board. It was a fun fast paced meeting that everyone enjoyed!

March 2021 General Meeting Program
Propagation by Amy Rose White
Our own Amy Rose White treated us to a interesting  program on propagation.  Amy treated us to little tips and tricks she has learned over her years of professional gardening experiences.  I know we all enjoyed her talk and were inspired by her passion for different propagation techniques.

Due to additional restrictions in the State of NC we were unable to meet in

December 2020 -February 2021

Maureen Loomer enthusiastically shared her experiences as a citizen scientist. Not only as she participated in expeditions; she has endowed a scholarship for college students to be able to participate in various citizen science expeditions. Maureen herself is a retired scientist and professor of Biology that has recently attained her Doctorate in Education. If you were inspired by Maureen’s experiences, she recommends the following three organizations:

SciStarter is an easily searchable database with links to hundreds of citizen science projects. 
Earthwatch is the international citizen science organization that I support as a donor as well as a former field volunteer.
Journey North is an organization to which I submit monarch butterfly and hummingbird data.

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